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Jobs On Arriving


One of the faster way to secure employment in the United Arab Emirates Dubai is through Job On Arrival. We are able to deliver this services through result oriented recruitment agencies across the UAE and our past clients.

Dubai Jobs on arrival brought to you courtesy of tourDubai.agency

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Summary of the


This package includes a 90days Visa + Flight + Airport PIckUp + Accommodation + Job On Arriving Dubai (the combination is completely optional) and we handle everything. Upon arriving Dubai, you rest for 24hours, then you start going for interviews. Upon securing a job of choice, a 2yrs work permit will be processed for you and your accommodation improved.

Types of


The skilled and unskilled jobs in the UAE that are in high demands are Drivers, Restaurants Helpers, Construction, Steel Masons / Bricklayers, Building Painters, Shuttering Carpenters, Car Wash, Hotels, Homes Cleaners, Steel Fixers, Domestic Workers, Car Washers, Security Guards, Accountants, Welders, Sales Reps, Shop Helpers, General Helpers, Caregiving, Taxi & Private Drivers, to mention a few.

Earnings Upto


Depending on the employer, Position, and Employment Offer for full time or contract, the monthly salary varies are never same, nevertheless from our years of experience, most job on arrival pays between AED700 to AED3500 respectively. Earnings are exclusive of commissions and extra time pay.

Basic Employment


Although Job Offers differs depending on the employers, however a typical Job Offer includes; 2 or 3years contract letter + 2 or 3years Work Permit + 2 or 3years Accommodation + Feeding + Transportation to and from work, Medical Insurance, Complimentary Uniforms with free laundry + Flight Ticket + Other Allowance, Extra Hours Pay, Commissions, etc.

Process takes


Depending on the candidate's preparedness (providing all required documents), as well as the type of employment, the entire processing could take anywhere between 2days to a maximum of 8weeks. This estimated timeframe covers getting the job, procuring the work permit and resuming duties in the UAE.

What You'll


Unskilled positions requires a valid international passport, 2 white background photo passports, 1 full picture, updated CV/Resume, Medical Fitness, Police Character Report, while the skilled positions require the same and more; academic & vocational credentials, certification, trade test, etc.

With Flexible


If you already have your 90days UAE Visa and only need assistance with an affordable accommodation, or you already got everything else and only need a job. We got you. Contact us today with your needs and we can assist you with flexible options.



We provide a range of result oriented services and the charges are based on which service(s) you need. Chat with our WhatsApp support or email jobs@tourDubai.club for general support, inquiries and pricing.



Contact support with your inquiries now.

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