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Nigerian International Passport

Jokes Apart – during our recent interactions with some Nigerians regarding the basic requirements for traveling overseas for tourism, we discovered that lots of Nigerians do not understand what we meant by having a Nigerian International Passport. If you are one of those, please this is not a mockery of your ignorant. We appreciate your sincerity and honestly. An international passport, in simple term, is your Nigerian ID Card outside the country. You need it to travel out of Nigeria. Even if you are traveling to Togo or Ghana or Benin Republic. If you need further assistance as to what it is and how you can have one, please feel free to let us know, so that we can direct you.

All About The New


The Nigerian International Passport will be having an upgrade, according to the Comptroller-General of Nigeria from the 5years to a 10years renewable passport effective 2019. What this means is that there are not 2types of International Passport Nigerians can use as the new will not be completely replacing the old. You can still choose to renew you expired Passport with the regular 32paged passport with 5years validity. Nevertheless, for frequent travelers, you can now get a 64paged booklet with 10years validity with better and improved security features.

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The Five Major


for getting or renewing your Nigerian International Passport includes; Birth Certificate or Age Declaration or Affidavit at a High Court, 2 White Background Photo Passports, A Guarantor's or Referee's International passport, and your Guarantor's Driver's License ID Card.

Timeframe for


depends on where you are processing your at and the availability of the materials at that centre. On average, it could between 1-4weeks. Abuja seems to have the Booklet processed faster than Lagos.

Still Got Many


email support@tourdubai.club for assistance.

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